We all have a world were we like to go when times get bad and we feel like nobody cares. This world is inside our heads just waiting to come out. Most say it is a dream world…..but…….. to me it is my own personal Wonderland. My wonderland is my shield from all the people who put me down, try to make me what I’m not, and want me to hurt myself. My shield has gotten me through some of the toughest days in my young life…..and I know everyone may not see it but there is a brighter light inside the tunnel of misery…maybe it is a dream but…… it sure as hell is better than the real world.
Daisy “Mad Hatter” Moreno
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……..That moment when your watching the Twilight Series and Your relatives ask you abut the wolves………. andĀ  about your favoriteĀ  one………… and it just so happens to be the Clearwater’s………. They just acted like they heard me say Jacob………..I just said the Clearwater’s what more do they want from me!!!!!!